The 2017 Volunteer Futures Symposium is an Eligible Gaming Expense!

While section 7.6 of the Guidelines indicates that conferences are a prohibited use of Gaming funds, the Community Gaming Grants Branch recognizes that the 2017 Volunteer Futures Symposium is an important source of current information about the Community Gaming Grant. Likewise volunteer training, related to the direct delivery of your approved program, is an eligible Gaming Grant expense (see point 7c of Appendix VIII, Conditions of the Community Gaming Grant).

As they have in previous years, Gaming is allowing organizations to use gaming funds to attend the Symposium. As with any use of funds, organizations are expected to demonstrate how the training contributes to program delivery. 

Travel expenses for volunteers to go to the BCACG Symposium are eligible to be paid from an organization’s gaming account. An additional $500 that may also be allocated from the gaming account.  It is to be used in any manner directly related to the BCACG Symposium.  For example, a paid employee of an organization may use the $500 towards travel and accommodation and/or any registration fees related to the Symposium.

Please contact David Sheach at if you have any questions.