BCACG Responds to New Guidelines

Press Release – For Immediate Release

 Easier to Navigate Gaming Grants Guidelines

Abbotsford, BC December 9, 2016:

Under the Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development, the Gaming Grant Guidelines have been amended to be more user-friendly and accessible. The main content has not been changed, they have been re-ordered and some things have been simplified.

“We welcome the Auditor General’s report and recommendations and we’re grateful to the Minister for his efforts to stabilize the Program while being concerned for the impact that the Gaming Grant has on local social health,” said Shawn Bellamy, Chair of the BC Association for Charitable Gaming. “We are looking for a Gaming Grant program that is responsive and committed to the important work that community groups do around the Province and updated Guidelines are a good step to a simpler application.”

“The Guidelines have been a complex document that evolved over many years. The revisions published today re-organizes them, includes more explanation and aligns them with the format of the application. As part of a provincial strategy, the Community Charitable Gaming Associations will be delivering information workshops and we are available to help people navigate the application,” said David Sheach, Executive Director BC Association of Charitable Gaming. “We are confident in the working relationship with the Gaming Grants Branch. Gaming Grants are an important source of revenue; a significant investment that reaches into every community.”

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