Reminder of September 30 deadline for the Capital Project Grant

Important Reminder:

The Community Gaming Grants program distributes $5 million per year to eligible not-for-profit organizations to assist with capital projects with a total cost of more than $20,000. Eligible not-for-profit organizations may be approved for up to 50% of the total cost of the project, to a maximum of $250,000.

Organizations wishing to apply for a Capital Project Grant are reminded that they have until September 30 to submit their application.

1) How will the applications evaluated?

An organization must demonstrate on its application that it meets the mandatory eligibility criteria. Each application that meets eligibility criteria will then be scored based on how well the proposed project meets the following assessment criteria: Financial Considerations, Project Feasibility,Alignment with Sector Objectives and Special Project Features

Additional consideration will be given to the allocation of grant funding across the six Community Gaming Grant sectors, the geographic distribution of grants throughout the province, project size and the inclusion of Aboriginal not-for-profit organizations.

2) Is there a time limit for how long an organization has to complete the project?

Yes. The project must be completed, and the grant funds spent, within 36 months of receipt of the grant.

3) Do applicants need to contribute their own money to the project?

Yes. Organizations are expected to provide matching funds. In addition to cash, this can include tangible in-kind contributions, such as donated equipment and materials. Land and intangible in-kind support, such as volunteer time, donated labour or services will not be accepted as matching funds.

4) Does an organization need to own the land on which it plans to complete the project?

No. An organization does not need to own the land provided it has a long-term lease agreement with the landowner or some other equivalent arrangement, has their written permission to undertake the project, and is responsible for maintaining the facility after it is completed.

5) What is the purpose of the risk management plan, and what needs to be in it?

In the risk management plan, applicants must identify and rank potential risks as either high, medium or low based on likelihood and consequence, and then identify proposed management/mitigation strategies.  The risk management plan can be prepared by anyone knowledgeable of the project.  It can be a simple list of possible risks and how they can be minimized.  The risk management plan is not required to be an additional eligible expense though it can be.

Interested in applying for the Capital Projects Grant? See the Capital Projects Grants web page for more information on this program and be sure to get your application in by the September 30 deadline.

Successful applicants will be notified via email.